Big Speaker Night

May 26
Dr. James Healy


Gratitude During Trying Times

Dr. Healy has been the director of the Center for Family Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois since 1989. Dr. Healy has contributed chapters to a number of books, and has written for such magazines as Family Perspectives, Catholic World, Liguorian, Marriage, and Deacon Digest. Dr. Healy was the founding president of Illinois Catholic Family Ministries, and has served as an adviser to the National Council of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Marriage and the Family. He was honored with the 2000 Family Ministry Award by the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers. He and his wife Madonna have four children.


 July 7

Ron Miner
Certified Associate Pranic Healer and Twin Hearts Mediation Instructor
At St. Margaret Mary in the Upper Room (the large meeting room on the upper level)


Introduction to Pranic Healing

An introductory talk to learn the purpose of meditation and how it can help you in your daily life! You will be taught the powerful "Meditation on Twin Hearts" to calm your emotions and experience inner peace and a sense of divine connection.

Some Benefits of Meditation:
  • Inner Peace and Joy
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Greater ability to handle stress
  • Energy and Inner Strength
  • To Know your Self!


August 11
Susan Neustrom, Ed.D.
Author, Educator, Coach



No one experiences change the same way because change is viewed from an individual perspective. Of course, for change to happen everyone believes you must leave your comfort zone. In spite of your past experience with change even if your intention is positive, there is some apprehension, anxiety, maybe resistance, and a tad bit of fear as you step out of your self-imposed comfort zone. But it doesn’t need to be this way. I can show you how easy it is to leave your comfort and experience change from a new perspective using a strategy applicable to personal or professional change.


 September 22


November 3
Tom Kens
Wellness Coach & Speaker


A Grateful Veteran

  Join Bosnian War Veteran Tom Kens as he takes you through a day in the life of a sailor onboard the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier. You’ll also learn how the experience forged his attitude of gratitude and how you can use gratitude to cultivate more happiness in your own life.

Tom Kens is a proud veteran of the armed forces, founder of the Sole Seekers Walking Club™, self-help author, and healthy living teacher at Moraine Valley Community College. Serving in the United States Navy, Tom fought to promote freedom and democracy worldwide. Stateside, Tom continues to fight for freedom as he helps Americans battle the stress and fatigue that leads to mediocrity in life.


December 15
Jim Gibbons


The 1960's: Flower Power, The Beatles, and J.F.K.

Historian, Jim Gibbons, will take you on a roller-coaster ride during one of the most turbulent times in our nation's history! From television to movies, fashions to fads, the times were changing and changing fast! This was the decade that moved away from the innocence of Camelot to the cry of “Hell no, we won’t go!” This was our countries time of dramatic change and the end of our innocence when all the world was watching.