Joyful Again


Joyful Again is an intense workshop for the newly grieving person who has lost a spouse. It is recommended that at least 4 months should have passed since the loss before attending Joyful Again.

It is a two-day program for widows and widowers who want to resolve the grief they feel inside and begin to live again after the death of their spouse. The weekend employs a series of video presentations, followed by facilitated small group discussion and private reflection time. Through this process, individuals gain new insights and receive encouragement and support. Trained facilitators, who have been widowed themselves, help with the weekend and the discussions.

I attended Joyful Again 11 months after my wife passed away. I am typically not a “joiner” so I was very dubious about how it could help. But, I did realize that I needed help in some way. And, I was shocked at just how HELPFUL it was. It made a huge difference in me, in my outlook, and in my hope for the future. Therefore, as a Joyful Again participant, I strongly recommend it.     Jay Cosentino

Sessions are held in the Chicago west suburban area at various locations every few months. Please review the schedule and plan to attend as much in advance as you can. For current information, see their web site at


Upcoming programs

March 14/15