Divorce & Beyond

Divorce and beyond bookDivorce can be painful and often shattering. Divorce does change every aspect of a person's life. Parishes in the Diocese of Joliet offer support sessions to newly divorced people to help them manage their new life. These Divorce and Beyond workshops are typically 10 sessions providing support from others in the same situation. The sessions are based on the book, Divorce and Beyond.

Divorce and Beyond: When a marriage ends it is more than a separation of two people. It is a death of an important part of their lives. Divorce and Beyond, the popular program for adults who have gone through a recent divorce, offers readers the support and guidance they need to help them through the divorcing process. Completely revised and updated, it will help readers through the initial stress, anger and guilt to ultimate forgiveness, happiness and growth. Divorce and Beyond is designed as a ten-session workbook for men and women who are already divorced or have filed for divorce. Each session or chapter covers the primary emotions experienced as a person works through the divorce process. – From the book Divorce and Beyond by James Greteman, Leon M.S.W. Haverkamp, and Elsie P. Radtke

The Divorce and Beyond process provides emotional and spiritual support to those who have experienced divorce or those in the dissolution process. It is a faith-based, Catholic Christian support ministry that welcomes other faith traditions as well.

Each session highlights an aspect of the divorce-recovery process. Topics include: Healing, managing emotions, blame, loneliness, and achieving growth and personal happiness. Sessions are led by experienced Divorce and Beyond graduates committed to fostering the personal, emotional and spiritual growth of all participants.

Diocese of Joliet parishes that offer Divorce and Beyond and other divorce groups:

St. Matthew Parish, Glendale Heights - A peer support group for those who are divorced and those in the process of divorcing. For information or to register, call Deacon Bob and Alma Malek at 630-469-6300 x315 or rbmalek317@aol.com

St. Isaac Jogues Parish,Hinsdale - 306 W Fourth St , “Divorce Recovery Group.” This group is for those going through a divorce or already divorced, and is facilitated by Danette Perry, a parishioner and therapist specializing in divorce issues. For more information, times and dates email Danetter@danetteperry.com . Parish phone : 630-655-5918

St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Naperville – Divorce and Beyond. Contact Ray Wyzguski at 815-407-1569 for meeting times and more information. St. Alexander, Villa Park – Divorce and Beyond. For more information on meeting times and dates, call Denise Liss at 630-254-9330

St. Michael Parish, Wheaton – 310 S. Wheaton Ave., Divorce and Beyond support group. Registration is required. Contact Deacon Dan Aderholdt at 630-234-8704 or dladerholdt@gmail.com for dates and times.

St. Anne Parish, Oswego – “Divorce Support” – Call Sr. Margaret Anne Spagnola at 630-554-3331 for more information on meeting dates.

St. Mary Immaculate Parish, Plainfield – Divorce and Beyond – A ten week divorce support group. Contact Cynthia Riddle at cynriddle@gmail.com for more information or to register.

St. Jude Parish, New Lenox – Support group for anyone experiencing or who has experienced the trauma of divorce. Call Maureen Dunne McGraw at 815-485-8049 for information.

The experience of divorce or separation can be devastating. Adjusting to the loss and changes often brings feelings of anger, sadness, depression, despair, and fear. Processing these feelings and thoughts can be critical to a healthy recovery. Support groups are based on confidentiality, trust, and safety. They provide a place to gain emotional, spiritual and social nurturing while developing or enhancing positive coping skills. Individuals find that they need not be alone during this often burdensome and lonely time. Seeking support during times of need is a sign, not of weakness, but of strength.