Big Speaker Night

January 21
Dawn Williams CLC
 Emotional Wellness Coach


Overcoming The Effects Of Grief
On Mind, Body, and Soul

Neurological research has shown that the stages of grief model once held in high regard isn’t entirely accurate. Loss triggers changes in the brain and body as well as the emotions. In this presentation by Emotional Wellness Coach Dawn Williams, you’ll learn how loss affects your brain, body, emotions, and sense of self. More importantly, she’ll offer evidence-based techniques you can use to cope with these changes during the grief process, and begin to rebuild your identity and redesign your life.

Dawn Williams is a national award-winning writer and holds multiple coaching and emotional intelligence certifications. Her interest in psychology began at the age of 14, eventually leading to her mid-life career change from journalism to coaching. Her belief in the human capacity to achieve post-traumatic growth is the driving force behind her work, and her presentations are delivered with compassion, humor, and evidence-based science that you can use right now to improve your life.


March 31
Danette Perry


"What's Next"

Danette Perry, a licensed social worker, completed her Masters in Social Work at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. Inspired by the struggles of her own divorce, Danette left the financial realm, fully committing herself to helping families reprioritize divorce in light of what’s best for their children. Already an MBA, she founded Just Mediation to provide divorcing couples with a neutral mediator and a process to renegotiate the relationship and plan for their future. Her practice has expanded to include counseling, mediation, parenting coordination, coaching, and a variety of educational programs all intended to support families experiencing trauma and conflict.


April 28
Bob Cosentino, Attorney
Getting Your Financial World in Order



May 26
Dr. James Healy


Dr. Healy has been the director of the Center for Family Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois since 1989. Dr. Healy has contributed chapters to a number of books, and has written for such magazines as Family Perspectives, Catholic World, Liguorian, Marriage, and Deacon Digest. Dr. Healy was the founding president of Illinois Catholic Family Ministries, and has served as an adviser to the National Council of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Marriage and the Family. He was honored with the 2000 Family Ministry Award by the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers. He and his wife Madonna have four children.


August 11
Susan Neustrom, Ed.D.
Author, Educator, Coach



July 7
Ron Miner
Pranic Healing